What makes you different or better than any other store?

We come to you! In today’s busy world we set ourselves apart through our follow up and availability. Unlike some business representatives, we give you our personal cell numbers, we strive to answer every call, we return voicemails the same day, and we work on the schedule you need. We realize your mobile device is your business lifeline and when something goes wrong, it is imperative that it is resolved quickly. We know you have choices and we will always be working to ensure you feel good about your choice to work with us.

Who do I call for customer service and/or technical issues?

Though you can always call the carrier, your personal sales representative will be able to field your calls and find resolutions for you quickly and efficiently based on our experience and knowledge of the wireless industry and personal history with your account.

How do you help with Smartphone Implementation?

If you or your IT Staff needs assistance with the implementation of any of the mentioned services, we either have the experienced staff in house to help or if not we have several partners nationwide that we can put you in contact with to aid in installation. From Exchange and Cloud Hosting, to setting up an Exchange environment on a smartphone, we have to tools in place to make your life easier and your business more productive.

Do you offer Accessories?

Yes. We offer a wide range of original and aftermarket accessories, up to 50% off MSRP. We believe that through the correct accessories, we can extend the life of your devices beyond the normal 24-months in between upgrades – allowing you to save money on device replacements.

What is the warranty period?

Generally, the manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months. Let us know if you are experiencing issues with any of the equipment; for phone issues, we will assist with replacements through Verizon Wireless or the phone manufacturer; for most accessories we will replace it ourselves.

Do you offer a credit for my old phone?

We utilize multiple sources to find you the best pricing on your old unused equipment. We provide you a quote immediately on the value, send your device in for evaluation, and write you a check once the device is fully inspected and valued. Often the turnaround time to get you value back is less than two weeks.